Dorico changes the order of the instruments

I’ve set the instruments of a score into a new order. Then I changed an instrument. After setting this new instrument Dorico changes the order of the instruments and returns to the original order. Why? Its really annoying.


Dear devs, have you taken notice of this issue? Can you please respond to it?

Turn off Score Order Sorting in Setup mode if you want to customize the instrument order.

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I do understend the OP here:
When a user starts ordering the players himself, Dorico should automatically switch this setting to “None”.
Letting the player reorder stuff and then fall back to the original order once a new player is added, is frustrating for the user. (Yes, I’ve been going through this myself already.)


I’m not sure I agree, but I guess we could show a warning when the user manually reorders a player. I’ll think about it.

how about Dorico asking if we want to turn the auto-reordering off?
sort of “would you like to deactivate auto-ordering of instruments?”
that way, at least the user is given a choice. if it’s an accident, they can say “no”. if it’s intentional, they can say “yes”.

I’d love it the other way around- ordering turns off if a user drags an instrument. Turn back on manually

Edit: better yet, a user reordered instrument is a one off override

Happy to know about the setting. A warning would be nice but not necessary for me.

I don’t understand the setting and what should happen, when I press this button. If I press this button, it turns blue and nothing happens. There isn’t even a popup menu like in the screenshot above. It’s more than confusing.

Right-click the button (or do the Mac equivalent) to see the menu.

I’m on IPad. There i no right -click.

What is the iPad equivalent? Press and hold?

Yes, Derrek is correct: you press and hold on the “sort players” button.

Ah, thanks. Are there any other functions in Dorico for IPad, which work with “long press”?
I’m really missing an actual manual for Dorico IPad.

There are a couple of buttons in the toolbox on the left-hand side in Write mode that have the same little triangle on the bottom corner to show that they will open a menu when you long-press them. You can find the Dorico for iPad Operation Manual here:

It’s currently in English only, but we expect to produce translated versions next year.

I’d agree that if you manually move the order of a Player, then clearly you want something other than the automatic order.

To put it another way, you’ve ‘made an override’, and just like other overrides, that should stop the auto-default-ness, as more players are added.

If you want Dorico to sort the players, then you can press the button manually to restore the auto sort.


The manual is of the version 1.2 and just a brief overview of the functions of Dorico. A lot of stuff is missing, so it’s not very useful.

It needs updating, for sure, and things that have changed since the iPad 1.2 version need adding/updating, but it’s not just a “brief overview”: it’s an as-full-as-possible-currently iPad-compatible version of the full Operation Manual.

All our manuals are structured so that information is split over pages according to its purpose. More info about the documentation structure here. Make sure you check the bottoms of pages for related links, if the contents of that page haven’t fully answered your questions.

If you’d like to share specific things that you’ve looked for that are missing, please feel free to let me know.