Dorico + Cinematic Studio Series

I’ve looked through a couple of older posts about using Cinematic Studio Series either straight w Dorico or using NotePerformer

I too had the impression Cinematic Studio Series wouldn’t work with notation softwares but apparently not so

My hope was to avoid getting into DAW, but I’m starting to think there’s also a learning curve for NotePerformer

Most of what I’ve written had worked fine within finale and Sibelius playback, only one or two things really needed rubato

In past I added beats to fake rubato, now was kind of hoping NP will do some magic there, though I haven’t used it yet

Basically hoping for fresh feedback here from anyone who’s been using either/both of those configurations since posts I’ve seen from 2 years ago

@bluekayak88 I use Cinematic Studio series libraries with Note Performer Playback Engine in Dorico and works wonderfully.

You can tweak the playback (for rubatos etc…) in Dorico with the Tempo Track and the Played Duration view (both in the key editor).