Dorico Cloud based publishing

I am a music teacher and I have been using Sibelius for 16 years. I LOVE music technology for many reasons…one being that when getting my music degree I passed the required piano competency not the proficiency…(some of you music majors will understand that joke :slight_smile:
But to be clear, as an educator I use music software to help me teach music in the classroom everyday. It is my accompanist.
I think for Dorico to be set apart in the world of education there should be a way for Dorico users to publish to a cloud server their music. The students could then go to a url of the music and be able to do 3 things:

  1. The students should be able to view the published music and print out the part that they sing/play.
    …or at least be able to download a PDF to print or load into a PDF music reading app.
  2. The students should be able to play the music back with a SIMPLE mixer allowing them to isolate their part so they can practice their voice/instrument part alone and with the other parts playing.
  3. The Teacher should be able to save their changes and push changes to the cloud so that if the students are working on a song and the teacher decides to make a cut in Dorico then that change would update also to the cloud.

This is a cloud service that teachers would pay monthly for…I would for sure!!!
Sibelius has a similar function but theirs is WAY too limited. In the Sibelius cloud you only see the full score and you cannot isolate parts so all you hear is the full score which makes it difficult if someone is trying to practice their part and they need to hear it isolated.

Thank you again to Daniel and the team for hearing our ideas. It’s great to have bright minds working for progress for Music notation apps.

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Thanks for your post, mrechuck. We certainly intend to do some work in this area in future, but for the time being we are focused on the development of the main Dorico application for Windows and macOS.

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Do you know iWriteMusic for apple has a cloud facility. I am very tempted to buy Dorico Pro but worried I won’t be able to do so much. One plus would be if Dorico can integrate with Cubase Pro 10.5 scoring. Also can I use it within my iPad & Samsung Phone like Notation Pad? Thanks

Welcome to the forum, Paul. Dorico does not integrate directly with Cubase 10.5’s score editor, but you can relatively easily take data back and forth between the two programs using MIDI and MusicXML. We are planning deeper integration between the two applications in future versions.

Dorico currently works only on Windows and macOS and does not run on either iOS or Android at the moment.