Dorico-console (Mac)

Hello dear forum,

I am very happy to follow the rapid and healthy development of Dorico throughout the years of its existence. As I do a lot of work in contemporary music and algorithmic composition, my workflow incorporates, on the one hand, quite a few special notational processes. On the other hand, I am used to work with (Emacs-/Shell-like) keyboard shortcuts quite a lot and try to avoid using the mouse for interacting with my computer as much as I can. Thus, I am glad that Dorico supports scripting via Lua and hope that it will be extended and better documented in the coming versions. In order to find a workaround for now, I have written a very simple “fake” console for Dorico, which is capable of invoking certain Lua-Scripts easily via a) a concise nomenclature and b) immediate access via an script. If you are interested, have a look at it: GitHub - rubenphilipp/dorico-console: A very simple console-imitation for Dorico.


Unfortunately, this – apparently – does not work on Microsoft Windows systems, as the “console” relies on AppleScripts and related technologies.

I hope this is helpful for some.



You know that you can trigger scripts by name from the jump bar?

Yes, I do. Though it is not possible to enter multiple scripts into one “prompt” for consecutive performance, which is – in some cases – quite useful. Anyway, it is good that you mention this default feature.