Dorico crashed when inputting lyrics

Not sure if I did something wrong, but Dorico crashed while inputting lyrics (stickings) into a piece.

There are a lot of flams in this piece, and I have to hit ‘return’ on the note prior to the grace note, or else Dorico draws the word extension line. And then I have to select the next note, and re-enter the lyric popover to continue.

During one of these moments, I went to input lyrics. I don’t know what I did (other than type SHIFT + L), as I was looking down at the music I was copying. When I looked up, the popover was opened, and so was the ‘right-click’ context menu. I saw an R in the popover which was not correct, as I hit delete to try to remove the R to replace with an L, I saw the spinning colorful circle wheel, and Dorico went bye-bye.

I might have accidentally right clicked something (although I am not sure how, as I have a track pad). But here is the application log created, diagnostic report, and the crash log as well.

application (1.4 KB) (22 KB)
Dorico (389 KB)

Thanks for this report, Robby. I’ll ask somebody in the team to take a look.