Dorico crashed while trying to move percussion players around

I am working on a band transcription that was given to me 20+ years ago, and am nearing the end of doing the percussion input. I am trying to play around with the best method to display the percussion parts. I was beginning to see that a drum kit might not be the best route, as it was starting to combine some of the voices (same up and down stem voices). I finally decided that maybe I should create 2 percussion kits.

As I was creating the second percussion kit, and moving instruments from kit 1, and trying to rearrange the placement of the new part in the score, Dorico crashed.

I am hoping the log created will be useful. I couldn’t find the log in the first 10 minutes after the crash and hit the “create diagnostic report” button about 4 times.

Dorico (655 KB)

Is the crash reproducible? If so, please provide the project file and the steps to reproduce the problem.

Well, it hasn’t happened again. I was able to restart Dorico and redo the task I was trying. This time around, I didn’t rush and waited a few extra seconds.