Dorico crashes after opening project

Crash Dorico.pdf (151.7 KB)

Project opens, NotePerformer launches a peep (sound) is heard and Dorico crashes.

Seems like I get a long break at work now :frowning:

Any ideas?

Hello Martin
I am not an expert, just another Dorico user.
Are you able to start a new Dorico Project? Then try to change Audio from NotePerformer to Halion for the new project. After quitting Dorico please try to open this new project.
The issue might have to do with Dorico and Noteperformer not working together seamlessly.
Another thing: as a Mac user one might forget that there is also the method of restarting your computer. May be that will help?

Welcome to the forum, Martin. I’m sorry you’re experiencing a crash. Could you please run Dorico again and choose Help > Create Diagnostic Report, and attach the resulting zip file here so that we can take a more detailed look at what is going on? If you don’t mind also attaching the project that is crashing when you open it, that would be helpful too.

Dear Daniel, thank you for responding to my post.

Unfortunately I´m not allowed to share the content of the project and I do hope the Zip-file is enough to diagnose the issue.

Have a nice evening and hope to talk to you soon.

Best regards, Martin.

tir. 1. feb. 2022 kl. 20:27 skrev Daniel at Steinberg via Steinberg Forums <>:

Dorico (1.9 MB)

That’s a really, really strange looking crash log. The first thing I’d like you to try is updating to Dorico 3.5.12, which is a free bug-fix update that you can download here. Does Dorico still crash when opening the project after updating to 3.5.12?

God morning Daniel, I updated Dorico but it did not help. The project name (file) looked a bit strange so I changed it to something else. Open it and then it did not crash.

What I realized is that one project-file contained two projects. Could that be?

It works well now and I hope it stays like that.

Happy with the work you do and I´m a satisfied Dorico and Cubase user.

Best regards Martin.

tir. 1. feb. 2022 kl. 23:21 skrev Daniel at Steinberg via Steinberg Forums <>:

Thanks for confirming that it’s working OK for you now, Martin. I didn’t spot anything unusual about the filenames in the logs included in your diagnostics, so I’m surprised that could be the solution, but I’m glad you’re back in business all the same.