Dorico crashes on PDF export

On a related note.
Just tried to export PDF from Dorico 4 and it crashed on me 3 times?
Can this have anything to do with the computer not being able to connect to a printer? I am at home and I don’t currently have a printer.
Or can it have something to do with the fact that we use an IP printer at my work? Driver bug?
Merry Christmas Carsten Coach

Are you trying to “Print to PDF” or using the actual PDF Export option of Dorico?

Could you please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here so we can take a look at the crash logs?

I am using the actual PDF Export option in dorico. In the Print Tab.
Daniel: Yes of course.
And I would but now this message program tells me the file is to big.

Here is a onedrive link. Hope you can download the file.
Merry Christmas Carsten Coach

Unfortunately I can’t make any sense of your crash logs – our tools are unable to handle them. Is the problem reproducible? If so, perhaps you could provide the project you’re working on that is crashing for you?

With the assistance of one of my expert colleagues I’ve been able to read the runes of your crash logs, Carsten. The problem you’re experiencing is one that affects both Dorico 4 and Dorico 5. On some systems, Dorico can crash when switching to graphics export. We finally have a definitive fix for this problem in the forthcoming Dorico 5.1 update, but I’m afraid we won’t be releasing any further Dorico 4 updates at this stage.

I would recommend you consider updating to Dorico 5.1 when it is released next week. There will be a special offer available for a limited time to save 25% on the price of the update from Dorico 4 to Dorico 5 at that time.

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Thank you Daniel.
I would have upgraded to Dorico 5 when it first came out, but my boss (leader of the music school) didn’t think it important enough.
Maybe it is time, that I buy my own license to Dorico.
Thank you again and Merry Christmas. :slight_smile: