Dorico crashes on specific part

So I have a pretty big score which always crashes on a specific part (Violin 2).
Any ideas on how I might troubleshoot that?Dorico (631.8 KB)

It looks like you’re using Dorico 3.5.0, the initial Dorico 3.5 release from May 2020. I recommend you update to Dorico 3.5.12, the most recent maintenance update from February 2021. You can download the updater here.

Thanks for pointing that out. Still crashes - but I did update it now.

If you’re still experiencing a crash, please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report again using version 3.5.12, and attach the updated zip file and ideally the project in question here so we can take a closer look.

Dorico (744.7 KB)
Here it is.

I figured out a workaround (created another violin part and copied everything into it) which works. Unfortunately, it was a bit time consuming because divisi didn’t copy in mass selection and I had to make sure there were no errors.
However, maybe this will be helpful to find an issue.

Thank you!

Those crashes are interesting. It looks like it might be related to trying to draw a time signature. Could you attach the original project in which the crash still occurs so that we can take a look and try to identify the underlying problem?

That is interesting. I’d be happy to email it to you if that’s ok.

Sure, or you can send it to me via private message (click on my name and then click Message).

Interestingly, the Violin 2 layout opens OK for me. I don’t have the MusGlyphs font installed, so I wonder whether that is perhaps the issue? Could you try quitting Dorico, removing the MusGlyphs font from your system temporarily, then run the application again and try opening your project to see whether or not you still encounter the crash?

I will try it once I finish the project…thanks for figuring this out!