Dorico crashes when editing near a system break

Hi all,

I am typing out an unmetered piece for string quartet. When I try to edit just about anything (for instance, add dynamics to the Eb in the Vln1 on the 3rd page or edit note spacing), the program crashes. It seems to have to do with system breaks somehow, because if I delete system breaks and do any edits, then it works without a problem. However, I need to deal with note spacing adjustments a lot, and the system breaks have to be in place, otherwise I have no visual reference. Dorico doesn’t do this every single time, but I’d say 8 times out of 10. I have zipped up the project file and would greatly appreciate it if someone could look into it.
Three Stages of St. (1.95 MB)
Thank you,

I had a project where Dorico insta-crashed with any edit under circumstances I could never understand. I had a feeling it had to do with a very specific behavior when Dorico tries to deal with objects (beams or tuplets, perhaps) crossing boundaries (pages or systems as well) in large unmetered sections. That’s as best as I can put it, because, as I said, I could never isolate the exact circumstances. It was scary as all get out, but eventually I just hacked it and tried to go around the limitations any way I could. I don’t quite remember if I used Galley view or perhaps another layout, or simply put everything in its rhythmic position before applying the breaks. My brain pushed back those memories from the trauma… Save at every step you take is what I can tell you!