Dorico crashes when enabling bar numbering for repeated sections

I’m encountering a consistent crash when trying to enable Engraving Options > Repeats > Bar Numbering for Repeated Sections > Count repeats. I click Count repeats, Apply, then Close, and Dorico crashes. This occurs in brand new, empty files as well as existing ones.

Is this currently broken, or will I need to do a reinstall?

It’s working for me as expected, and I haven’t heard of this happening to others. The team will probably ask you to upload a crash log here.

Dorico (1.2 MB)

Good point - here it is.

Apologies for the double post, but this morning I’ve realized that the problem is not limited; changing anything in Engraving, Notation, or Layout Options causes a crash when I click Apply > Close. I’m uploading a second set of diagnostics, and will try a full reinstall.
Dorico (849.4 KB)

David, all of those crashes look the same, but they’re very unusual, and they’re crashes in the Qt application framework rather than in Dorico. If you reboot your computer, does the problem persist? Are you doing anything out of the ordinary in terms of displays (Sidecar on your iPad, or using many displays, or anything like that)?

That’s helpful. I think I figured it out: my keyboard has been acting up occasionally, so when necessary I have been using the onscreen Keyboard Viewer (macOS) as a stopgap. The crashes occur when Keyboard Viewer is active, whether or not it is visible, but if I close out of it, I can Apply > Close options menus as usual.

That’s really interesting, David. What do you mean by Keyboard Viewer being active, but not visible? Doesn’t it always stay on top of all other windows if it’s visible? Or do you mean that it’s not in focus?

Sorry for the delayed reply, Daniel.

With Keyboard Viewer, not only can you close it with the “x” and shrink it with the “-” in the upper left corner, you can make it disappear from view entirely without closing it: Hover your cursor in a corner of your screen, then an indicator will appear and, after it fills, Keyboard Viewer will disappear. You can then hover in a corner again to make it reappear. However, while it is hidden in this way, it is still active and in the Menu Bar you have the option to “Hide Keyboard Viewer.”

In order to keep this crash from occurring, it is necessary to close out of Keyboard Viewer entirely by clicking the “x” or choosing “Hide Keyboard Viewer” in the Menu Bar.

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