Dorico crashes when moving music to previous system in Engrave Mode

Found a glitch. It is consistently replicable. It appears to only happen when trying to format music in open meter.

Go to engrave mode, click a note in a measure of open meter, and click “,” or click the button “move to previous system.” Crashes every time.

Here is a video of it happening to me:

(Also, wasn’t there a button to expand/collapse the left menu in engrave mode? It used to be an arrow like the properties menu and then it was changed to an icon similar to the left menu in write mode. Now it is gone. Only way to expand/collapse is to use hotkey, cmd+7.)

Thanks for reporting both of these problems – I confirm them both, and we’ll make sure these get sorted out in the next maintenance update.

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Thanks for both of your replies. I’ve been spending a lot of time with Dorico as I re-engrave all of my sibelius files—an exhausting/lofty project.

As for the other thread which you closed, leaving me unable to reply: I innocently included that complaint in this post after receiving no response; I thought it had been lost in the mix.


Don’t worry, we (well, at least I) really do read every thread. You can rest assured that things won’t be lost or forgotten, even if you may not get an immediate response.

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I also had a crash in Engraver mode. I selected 4 or 5 staves to simultaneously adjust them, and ‘poof!’, just like that, Dorico crashed. When I restarted the program, it just hung on “Dorico audio engine connected.” A reboot of the PC fixed it. I won’t adjust more than 1 stave at a time from now on. It may have been my fault for trying it in the first place😏 No big deal- just a puzzlement.

I also must add, that, after 20+ years with Finale, I successfully completed my first large work (for concert band)- from start to finish-in Dorico. Im VERY pleased🙂
Even being new to Dorico, it took much less time to complete (to my complete satisfaction) than in Finale.
And a shout out to Romanos 401 for his help in completing it by explaining voice ending properties. Learned something new that will help me going forward🙂

This is because sometimes when dorico crashes the ‘VST audio engine’ process does not get killed. Using activity monitor or task manager to kill that process before restarting dorico should prevent the need to restart your whole computer.

Thanks, Romanos401 and dspreadbury. I’ll use that next time-if there is anither one😉

I’d be interested to see the crash log produced when Dorico crashed on you, @laughreyg. If you do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here, I’ll be glad to take a look and see if I can determine what went wrong.