Dorico crashes when using "custom centered beam"


Here’s a video:

Why not post the Dorico file itself for troubleshooting?

No need, on this occasion, though please allow me for the third time today to post this reminder:

But I can reproduce this easily enough, and we’ll make sure it gets fixed. Thanks for reporting it.

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I’m not sure who you were posting that link to, but it is the first time I am seeing it. Is it inappropriate to post a video of me opening a brand new project and showing a bug? Is there a different place to post the bugs that I find? Should I create a new file and attach it every time I find a clearly replicable bug?

The other two times would have been to other users in different topics.

Because some bugs seem to occur only in quite specific combinations of notes/staves/layouts/dynamics/instruments/options/settings/etc., it is always helpful to include the Dorico project in which the problem occurs as well as the steps needed to replicate it. That makes it much more likely that the cause of the problem can be identified and then fixed.

As Daniel has indicated, in your case he was able to replicate the problem and so the project was not required. But I have seen other topics where posting the troublesome project would have facilitated a much speedier resolution of the problem.

This forum needs a stronger way to force new and less frequent users to simply read that guideline. People come to a new forum expecting to say whatever is on their mind without having read anything (even the documentation). I think this forum is unique in having the Feature Manager himself reading every thread and responding personally. New users are not getting the message of how they can make better use of everyone’s time. And it seems to me there will be an unending supply of new users.…


I have reported three bugs in last two days all without needing to attach a dorico file. It was not necessary for me to as they were all very obviously replicable bugs that occur every time I open a brand new project. I am starting to feel slightly ostracized by all of this and will definitely hesitate posting on the forum ever again.

Sorry, that post was not meant to pile criticism on you! On the contrary, I meant that you can’t be blamed for not knowing that Daniel had already asked two other people the same thing today. If everyone just got presented with the message up front somehow, I think it could reduce friction.

Please do participate here and please attach a Dorico file as a matter of course, needed or not. Case closed.

Sorry, @bridghammusic, it’s easy for me to forget sometimes when I am working my way through dozens of threads that few forumites are reading even a fraction of the posts on the forum, so of course there’s no reason you would know that I had already encountered a number of posts in which users had posted pictures that don’t provide sufficient information to reproduce the problem, and so I ended up posting a link to the sticky thread advising forum users of the best way to report a problem. I didn’t mean to cause you any offence, so I hope you will accept my apology.

The sticky thread is there at the top of the forum for everybody to read, and stays there until each poster reads it and/or unpins it for themselves, but nevertheless people do sometimes need reminding that it is typically much, much easier for us to help with a specific problem if they post the project that reproduces the problem rather than merely a picture (or video) of it.

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And this is, we must admit, rather unusual. Most of the time, people post a pic or a gif but it’s insufficient to diagnose the problem, because there is some weird combination of specific settings in their project which results in the issue, hence the need to share the project (or at least a cut down portion of it). It was a bit of a fluke that your reports were reproducible on brand new projects.