Dorico crashes with VEP7 on new computer

Hi there,
I used to run Dorico and VEP7 on a single computer but I’ve recently added a second one where my libraries are stored and connected through VEP7. Everything works fine except when I try to open an old file.
When I do so, Dorico looks for VEP on my first computer, cannot find a license and get stuck. I have to force quit and when reopening Dorico, the Audio engine remains jammed until I reboot the computer. Even if I use the few seconds before it does get stuck to delete the old VEP plugins and save a copy with no plugins, Dorico keeps on looking for VEP on the wrong computer when reopening the file. As said, this happens only with files created in my old setup.
Is there a way to force Dorico to open a file that uses VEP without it?

I don’t think there’s going to be a great solution to your problem here, Québ. Whatever you do you will need to re-create the playback setup once you have the project open, because ultimately you’re going to need to change the way the VST instruments in the rack are set up.

If you can still run VEP on the same computer as Dorico, temporarily, then to get the existing projects open I’d suggest running VEP, opening all of the old projects, and re-applying the default playback template (i.e. not VEP, but instead HSSE+HSO (Pro) or another template that doesn’t rely on VEP), then saving the projects again.

Then you can quit VEP on that computer, run it on your second machine, open each re-saved project, and set about recreating the playback configuration. Not much fun, I grant you.

The only other option I can think of would be to manually excise the saved audio engine data from inside each project file (by renaming its extension to .zip, unzipping it, going inside the unzipped folder, deleting the audio engine data, carefully re-zipping it without including the outermost folder, changing its extension back to .dorico). That procedure is slow and error-prone, and I wouldn’t really recommend it.

I suppose before you go down either of those roads, make sure that the problem is not that a dialog box is being shown by a plug-in or some kind of error is appearing behind your main project window. Perhaps you can find an error that needs to be dismissed, and then the project will open.

I think you need a license for VEP on your local system too At least try just plunging the eLicenser into you local system to modify your project

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Hi WC,
No, you need licenses on the computers using VEP’s server. My setup works just fine except for my old files saved in my old setup. As Daniel pointed out, I’ll probably have to revert to my old setup, open every file, delete any link with VEP and resave them. Then reopen them in my new setup and establish a new link with VEP. Not complicated, just time consuming.
Thanks for your answer,

Are you saying that Dorico keeps looking for VEP continously? On my Windows system - if the Server isn’t currently running, Dorico just reports once that VEP is NOT CONNECTED (failed)

Did you also save your VEP instances from within VEP? In that case you can save time by moving them to the new computer and load them into the Server there before you open Dorico and reconnect to them…

Hi Daniel,
Edit : never mind. I finally got it to work. I have no idea how I did it, but it works!

Hi Fratveno,
No, it does look when opening the file. If my key is on the other computer, the normal warning that there’s no license on the computer pops up. If I ignore it or close it, Dorico gets stuck.
If I revert to my old setup, which was trouble free, Dorico now opens VEP 6 (it always used VEP 7!) and there’s no way I can get rid of it. If I disconnect VEP and try to save the file , Dorico gets stuck. If I disconnect it and try to open a new VEP 7 server, it also gets stuck…