Dorico crashes

What´s wrong with the attached score? Dorico doesn’t start the playback and crashes, when I press playback.
Menuett m Akkorden J.N. (420 KB)

I have tried loading the project in a debug build and there are no warnings and no crashes for me. Could you run Help > Create Diagnostic Report, and attach the file it leaves on the desktop?

It plays back fine in Dorico 2.2.20 for me.

The only “playback error” is that the Fine instruction should be in the second time bar not the first time, but that doesn’t cause a crash. It just plays to the end of the score after the DC.

I can’t attach the diagnostic file, because its too big. The size is 2.3MB.
Here is a link for the file.

Unfortunately there’s no crash log in the zip file which makes it hard to work out what’s going wrong. When this happens can you open Activity Monitor to verify whether the Dorico2 or VSTAudioEngine2 processes are still running?