Dorico crashing after Mac has slept.

Twice I’ve opened my Mac back up after sleep to find Dorico has crashed. Thought someone might want to look at my crash dump. (23.8 KB)

Thanks, we’ll take a look at this and see what we can find out.

Happens here also on Sierra.


Meantime, please do never forget to press CMD+S prior to AFK.

Might be the USB-dongle that does not get enough power or something. The light goes out and then Dorico quits.


This is pretty tricky. Recent major macOS releases tend to actively reduce USB power consumption (except Hackintosh, depending on the actual hardware and DSDT configuration).

Another phenomenon here, with Dorico running my Mac Pro never goes to sleep mode. As soon as I quit Dorico El Capitan behaves like normal.

The audio engine prevents the computer from falling asleep; we will soon add an option to release the audio device when Dorico is in the background, which means that if Dorico is not the foreground application, your computer will then sleep as normal (assuming another application is not itself preventing it from sleeping).

The problem with Dorico crashing on waking from sleep appears to be limited to macOS 10.12 Sierra: please let us know if you are seeing it on any other macOS version.

Thanks, it’s not important, just saying … sorry.

This sleeping issue had never happened on my laptop (running macOS Sierra developer preview till now 10.12.0 public release). Further information are necessary to troubleshoot this issue, e.g.: their exact background apps and 3rd-party driver extensions running.

On my MacOS Sierra, I don’t have sleep issue. What I do have is that the energy saver doesn’t work if Dorico is active.

This is probably because Dorico constantly occupies ASIO driver while running. (ASIO on macOS is actually in connection with CoreAudio). Dorico will ship a future update to cope with issue (according to my memory, sounds like Daniel said about it): Allow Dorico not to occupy ASIO driver while Dorico is running in the background. (Cubase already has such function.)

If so, could this help, maybe?

Thanks Mark.