Dorico Crashing in last 2 weeks

Hi all. I have been using Dorico Elements for some time now and found it as solid as a rock. However, this last 2 weeks it crashes if I try to import a Mid File or XML file. When I restart it Dorico cannot see my audio engine and just won’t boot up. So I have to restart the computer - which is a right pain. I am using Windows 10(64) dual XEON Intel CPU’s with 128gig RAM. Is anyone else experiencing increased crashing lately. Jon

Don’t restart you computer. Run Task Manager [ctrl-shift-esc] (or Process Explorer) and stop the VSTAudioEngine process (and any Dorico instances still running). Wait a few seconds and re-launch Dorico.

Is this any Midi file or XML file, or just one in particular?

In these situations it’s always best to post here your Diagnostics (From Dorico go to Help>Create Diagnostic Report and upload the zip file that is created on your Desktop)

If “Dorico the app” crashes, then the VST Audio Engine stays running, and when you launch Dorico again, it can’t connect to the engine, because that’s locked to the old process.

If crash: kill VST Engine.
Then relaunch.

Hi Janus. Thanks for the reply. The stopping VST engine did the trick on restarting Dorico. It crashes on ANY midi file or XML though and tonight I am getting the message saying a ‘serious problem has occurred - click OK to continue seeing error warnings’ - or words to that effect. Cheers Jon

Thanks for the reply. The VST engine restart did the trick. Cheers Jon

Did you drag the XML/MIDI file onto th eDorico icon to open it, or did you open Dorico and then open or import the MIDI/XML file(s)?

I second Janus’s urging that you post a Diagnostic Report.

Hi Derrek. I did it three ways

  1. Drag onto desktop ICON
  2. Drag onto create new in HUB
  3. Import from FILE menu.

I’ll do a crash dump log and post it when it occurs again. Thanks for your help. Jon

Hi !
You don’t need to wait for another crash, because the diagnostic files take into account the last 10 crashes, if I understand correctly. So even a diagnostic file built now could be useful to help you :wink:


Hi All. Here is the crash log/diagnostic report

Dorico (853.4 KB)

Hope you can help. Cheers Jon

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Unfortunately, there are no crash logs in your diagnostics, @JonnoRAS. Please follow the steps in the FAQ thread here:

Dorico is crashing. What do I do?
Although we make every effort to ensure that Dorico will run stably on everyone’s computer, you may occasionally encounter a crash. To help us troubleshoot the problem, please follow these steps.

On Windows, applications no longer produce a crash dump by default. You can make your computer generate the minidump files we need to diagnose your problem by downloading, unzipping and double-clicking this Registry key: (503 Bytes)
Now when Dorico crashes, Dorico will create mini-dump files that we can use to determine what happened before it crashed.

This will ensure your computer creates crash logs when Dorico crashes. Then you should be able to reproduce the problem again, and generate a new set of diagnostics so we can take a look.

Take care of the aforementioned Dorico failure log, without it it is impossible to determine the scale or source of a possible problem. During a failure, Dorico will create a corresponding file for you, which will thus allow you to determine what caused it.

Hi. Thanks for the replies. I downloaded and installed into the registry the dump-config file. Dorico crashed again. I restarted Dorico and ran the diagnostic report in the help menu - as instructed. I have attached it in this post. I’m not sure it is any different from the one I sent yesterday but TBH I’m not sure what I’m looking for. Sorry for all this. Cheers Jon

Dorico (761.9 KB)

Hi @JonnoRAS , thanks for the new data, but there are still no crash files contained.

What if you go to C:\Users\ [yourname]\Documents\Steinberg
Are there any files with the ending .dmp?

Please zip up any of them if you find something at that place, and then post them here.
Of course you can put all in one folder and zip up the lot then.

Hi ULF. Thanks for the reply. There are crash logs in that folder but only from my Cubase 12. There is a file which says Dorico 5 AudioEngine 5.6.10 64bit but its empty (0KB)

Not sure how to get a proper crash dump. I’ve followed suggestions.

Cheers Jon

Hi @JonnoRAS ,
well, I had users before where dump files were size 0, but I still don’t know what advice to give under this circumstance. The only thing that springs to mind is, continue running the Dorico and occasionally check for new, properly sized dump files.

Hi Ulf. Thanks for the reply. I’ll keep an eye out for the dump file. Cheers. Jon.