dorico crashing on Mac - new?

hi folks,

I’ve found Dorico to be crashing fairly consistently, when I load Dorico and get to the Steinberg Hub box. If I just select the most recent project (whether by mouseclicking into it pressing enter) from the Steinberg Hub, and then tab-switch to another program while it loads (say, to check an email), Dorico crashes.

Anyone else have this?


No, I definitely haven’t seen this. Could you please zip up and attach the crash logs from ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports so we can take a look and see why the application is crashing?

that’s funny – nothing in my DiagnosticReports folders about Dorico… but I’m definitely not hallucinating…

Are you definitely looking in the correct DiagnosticReports folder, inside your user account’s home folder rather than the system-level one? To get to the right folder, use the Finder’s Go To Folder feature and paste in this complete path, just to be sure: ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports

yes, there are no Dorico files there.

Next time Dorico crashes, you should see a dialog pop up that tells you that Dorico has quit unexpectedly, with a button to show more details. Click that button, and you should see the crash dump displayed there. Copy and paste that into a text document, and then zip that up into an archive and attach it here.

you know, it stopped doing it… maybe something on my mac got fixed… we’ll see.