Dorico crashing several times per week

Hi all - as always, I’ll start by saying that I am a big fan of Dorico. But I have a problem of Dorico 4 freezing several times a week, and the only solution is to restart my computer. I’m using a MacBook Pro with Monterey 12.6.2. Updating both the OS and Dorico has never fixed the problem, and it doesn’t happen with any other programs, including Cubase which is my only other Steinberg program. Any suggestions would be welcome!
Many thanks

Hi again - I have attached the diagnostic report. I forgot to mention that I haven’t noticed any pattern in what causes the freezes.
Dorico (2.5 MB)

Unfortunately, the diagnostics don’t tell us much, because when Dorico or the audio engine hangs, there are no crash dumps etc. generated.

Next time this occurs, run Activity Monitor, select the Dorico process in the list of running processes, and from the button on the toolbar choose Sample Process, then zip up and attach the resulting text file. Do the same for the VST Audio Engine process as well.

Thanks Daniel

Looking at the diagnostics I also noticed that you are still on Dorico 4.2 but there is a 4.3 available (which is free for 4.2 customers). So why not upgrade and see if that maybe already fixes your issue?
You could even keep the 4.2 installed. Simply got to the Applications folder and make a copy of the Dorico and then rename that to e.g. Dorico When you then run the installer for 4.3 it will update only the original installation to 4.3.

Thanks Ulf - I will do that, but this has been going on for a long time, despite upgrades both of Dorico and the MacOS.