Dorico crashing when selecting a different audio output


This is repeatable. If selecting a different audio output/interface while a project is open, Dorico freezes.

This doesn’t happen if there is no open project.

Paolo (22.7 KB)

Hi Paolo, is that reproducible with you. How about the VSTAudioEngine process at that time, is it still running or did it crash? If it is still there, it could be helpful to also get a spindump of that process. And also please provide a diagnostics report. Thanks

Hi Ulf, I’ll be sure to include the above information the next time it happens. I know how to create a spindump, but what do you mean by “diagnostics report”?

About this event: my guess is that Dorico was loading all the VSL Synchron Player in the VSTi panel. I noticed that this is a slow operation, and there is no indication of the ongoing process. So, maybe I considered Dorico frozen, when it was just working in the background.


Hi Paolo, if it happens again, from Dorico’s main menu choose ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’. That creates a zip which you can attach here. Thanks