Dorico crashing


now and then Dorico crashes, without any apparent reason. Usually I have saved what I have been doing, but not always. I find this rather worrying and would like to do what I can to report crashes. Is there a way to do that, or does the program automatically send error reports to Steinberg?

I have no idea what might be causing the crashes, but I believe that it on many occasions the text tool is involved.

An update on this.

I have been able to figure out that the crash happens when I press shift-x, type something, press escape. On the last keypress, Dorico hangs for a while and then shows the message box that a problem occurred and that it has to shut down.

Anyone else experienced the same thing?

Have you followed the steps in the FAQ thread under ‘Dorico is crashing. What do I do?’, which tells you how to make sure Dorico will produce crash logs on Windows? Once you have some crash logs, please send them to me by email.

No, actually I haven’t, but the crash logging was activated when I got some assistance earlier with playback engine problems.
So there were a few logs in that folder. Mail sent.

Further testing. I can now provoke a crash. If I type something with shift-x, and then press escape several times repeatedly, the crash comes.

Fun fact: if I press escape two times, Dorico won’t crash, but the text will be duplicated in two rows.