Dorico created Songbook out now!

Hi All,

a blatant plug for my songbook “Words & Music - Volume 1” which I created using Dorico Elements and Affinity Publisher (and Pages for the ePub version).

Scores were exported as PDFs and laid out in Publisher with additional text, photographs etc. For the Kindle version the finished print PDF was imported into Kindle Create - I’m pretty happy with the result though a heck of a lot of trial and error in layout options to get the book passed by both and Amazon’s quality control. But I now have a template so Volume 2 will follow in due course.

The e-Pub, iBook & Kindle versions all have the ten songs embedded as audio - so for the price of an album you get a book thrown in (or the other way around!).

So a big thanks to Dorico for a clean looking score that both printed and displayed well in all versions!

Here’s the link to Amazon - Mac users can find it in the iBook store.

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Congratulations on the publication of your book, Dr Scardo.