Dorico creates multi measure rests in some places and in others it doesn’t

I’m writing parts for an arrangement and I’m having some issues with the parts. In bars 34 and 36 I’m trying to consolidate the measures into a multi measure rest but dorico isn’t letting me. I tried the jump bar and looked all over the layout options but couldn’t find anything useful.

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Layout options -players

The rehearsal letter might be preventing consolidation. Or other “hidden” objects such as crescendos or ritard dots going over a bar line. Try applying the rehearsal letter to a measure earlier and manually move it over and check to make sure the bars are truly empty.

The problem is very likely the lyric extension after “Aah” in bar 30. It appears right, but if you add any notes in bars 32–39 you will probably see it extend to those, even though you did not extend it yourself.

To fix this: Add an extra note on the downbeat of bar 32, select the “Aah” in bar 30, hit Enter, and space twice, so that the line extends to bar 31 and the popover is over the temporary note, with no lyric. Then delete the extra note.

If that doesn’t work, then there’s something else invisible preventing the multirests.


That fixed it! Thanks a lot, will keep an eye for lyrics extensions from now on, thanks!

Hi @gregorioried531 welcome to the forum. Another thing (besides lyric extensions) to look at in this circumstances are gradual dynamics, f.e. like a cresc. with an invisible extension line.