Dorico default left-hand piano volume when using NotePerformer

Is there a way to raise that volume? It sounds low-volume comparing to other piano VSTs.

I would expect the dynamic of both staves to be the same, provided you are creating the dynamics in Dorico in the usual way, i.e. attaching them to the right-hand staff and not holding down Alt when you enter them, which would make them voice-specific and thus not apply to the left-hand staff.


Dorico and NP latest version - I also find the piano LH to be softer, and especially lower bass notes. Also, while not exactly sure about this 100% but low bass notes when I go into three staves seem to be completely inaudible (though I cant imagine why having another staff would affect this).

Does anybody else have this problem - apart from the OP here?

Naturally I don’t want to have to add staff specific louder dynamics in order to produce the audio output.

Is there any way for an end user to contact the NP developer?

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there’s a support contact form at the bottom of the NotePerformer homepage. Arne Wallander is usually very responsive. However, I can assure you, as Daniel suggests, that there is no difference between the dynamic levels of the two staves. However the dynamics get gradually louder as you get higher so this is what has led you both to this impression, I suspect.

I personally don’t use the NP piano but if you do, you will need to do some dynamics scaling --unless Arne can suggest a better option.

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Thanks @dko22 of course there would be no difference between staves, but the lower notes really are too soft. I have previously tried adjusting rhe dynamic curve to no avail. Actual pianos are not soft like that as you descend, on the contrary a big concert grand can be overpowering in the bass if played strongly.

I’ll try to contact Arene Wallander.

Hi @Andro, the original point was that the left hand is softer – in other words the lower staff. If the left hand plays above the right as sometimes happens, then the left hand will seem louder. Daniel interpreted this – as did I – that the staves have allegedly different dynamics which, as you have clearly understood, is not correct.

If you’re not getting good results then frankly I’d use a different piano. I don’t personally think that the piano is one of NotePerformer’s real strengths. Adjusting the dynamic curve won’t help much – you need to actually manually boost in a sliding scale the lower dynamics which means work and even then the results may well be sub-optimal. But do contact Arne – he may come up with something I hadn’t thought of.

I’m unable to reproduce this… can you describe the scenario in more detail… staff above /below/upper/lower…?

Staff below, bass clefs or bass-8 clefs. But I can’t believe it is anything to do with numbers of staves. I think it is just the very low notes there that are too soft. Don’t spend any time on this, but thanks!

I swtiched to Halion SE, the Yamaha S90ES. Problem goes away completely. And not only that, I can EQ the bass up a little to taste.

That does seem to put the issue squarely in the court of NotePerformer. Oh well, the Yamaha is a nicer sounding instrument anyway.

Could you please invite Arne Wallander to share his possible opinion / statements in this thread?
This issue is not personal anymore but a common feature request.

P.S.: I personally assume that the current soft-bass piano is a feature helping itself to be mixed well in an orchestra.

AFAIK Arne Wallander is not associated with Steinberg, You should submit a support request through the NotePerformer website (NotePerformer 3: Artificial Intelligence-based Playback of Musical Notation) - there’s a contact form at the bottom of that page.

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