Dorico demo project templates/No sound

I own a copy of Dorico Elements 4 and have noticed the demo project templates are now loading with blank instances of halion 7 instead of SE. This in effect means there is no instrument assigned to, or sound signal from any of the tracks. I also have cubase 12 Pro as well as Halion 7 and have recently updated my Halion SE/Sonic sound content to the Sonic selection, which replaced the previous sounds.

This issue appears to be a recent occurrence as the templates were loading fine before with instances of Halion SE 3.5, which I specifically kept installed for compatibility (when Halion 7 was released). I am not sure if the recent SE sound content update was the issue. Is this a problem any other users have encountered or that Steinberg have acknowledged I wonder?

Have you tried reapplying a Playback Template from the Play menu?

Or try the advice given in this thread.

Seemed to do the trick. Now is using the new selection sounds in Halion 7. Not sure why it uses Halion Full as opposed to the compact version as Halion SE is still selected as the playback template. Maybe something that needs updating in the app?

Thanks Derek

In the Dorico Preferences, on the Play tab, what are your settings there for Default HALion plug-in and Preferred HALion plug-in?

Ok, so I managed to change the play prefs and now can open with Halion Sonic and using HSO sounds from Cubase Pro. Does this mean Halion SE 3.5 is now obsolete as it does not appear in the preferred plug-in tab?

Thanks for your help.

Correct, HALion Sonic SE has been replaced by HALion Sonic 7.

Makes sense then. Ok, thanks.