Dorico Divisi: How do you show the label "divisi" or "solo"

I’m working with a piece that has a lot of divisi and I have a problem with the layout. It shows the unis. properly, but not the divisi. This is a problem because divisi is sometimes “solo vs gli altri” and it doesn’t show the solo word. Have I to put it manually or there is another way to do so?

If you’re getting automatic “unis.” markings then you should also see “div.”, since the appearance of those labels is controlled by the same options (on the Staves and Systems page of Layout Options). Can you attach an extract of your project that reproduces the problem so we can take a look?

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Sure, thanks!

This is an extract of the choral part. There is a divisi which is a soprano solo. You can see the “unis.” mark, but not the “solo” mark.

Actually, the way it’s handled it’s a bit strange for me. I prefer how it shows in the write mode (the divisi staff appears when the divisi is invoked) but this is not as important as the marking. Because I need the players to differentiate when it’s a solo vs gli altri and when is a split into 2 sections. If it’s impossible, I can do it manually.

Thanks a lot again.

I opened your project and I see solo/unis. labels in all of the expected places (end of bar 31, bar 37, bar 38). If you’re not seeing labels in those places, can you make sure you’re running the latest available Dorico 3.5.10 update?

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Thank you very much!

I did think I had the last version, but I hadn’t it all this time :sweat_smile:

My thoughs about the other things are still the same, however, as I’m not used to play instruments that usually make divisi, they were just thoughts.

Again, thank you very much!

I really appreciate the good work you do both with the program and in the forums with the support.

In the manual, it says “If the division is relatively simple, it is possible to write all parts on the same staff and label the section, …” - where are the ‘divisi’ / ‘tutti’ signs? Or do you have to make them?
Further, I did a section of divisi the long way, using two staves and then condensing them. Mostly I get the correct ‘div.’ / ‘unis.’ markings, but not always. Is it possible to edit those i.e. add a ‘unis.’ marking where its missing? Sometimes they come in the wrong place, but I am just moving those in engrave ??

I would certainly use a Playing technique for that. Create new ones for div. and unis. and you’re set (click on the plus button in the Playing techniques panel, the followings steps are quite obvious)