Dorico do not change automatically the pages during playback

in my projects the cursor go through my score, but when the cursor go to the next page dorico do not show the next page. In other words, dorico playback the entire score but show only the first page. Dorico do not change automatically the pages during playback. I"m using dorico 1.0.20. what to do? thanks!

Has something prevented you from updating to Dorico 1.1.10?

Following the score during playback was added in (I think) Dorico 1.0.30. Certainly you should update as soon as possible. You can download the update here.

(I am not suggesting that you are, but if you’re using the cracked version of Dorico 1.0.20 for Windows that was made available by a hacking group at the start of the year, then you won’t be able to update: if you do, Dorico will no longer run. Please consider buying a legal license, and you will benefit from the hundreds of improvements we have made since Dorico 1.0.20 was released.)