DORICO : Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si DO

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I would like to change the note type in Dorico. I am French, and it is easier for me to use DeReMiFaSolLaSiDo rather ABCDEFG.

Could you please help me? I can’t find how to change this, if it is possible.

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It is possible, but it’s a little bit of work. In Library > Notehead Sets, choose the Pitched category on the left-hand side, then select the Pitch Name Noteheads notehead set.

On the right-hand side, select each existing pitch notehead in turn, and click the pencil icon in the action bar at the bottom of the dialog to edit it. Delete the pitched notehead, which will reveal a filled white notehead behind it: this is important, because it ensures that the staff lines won’t show through the note name in the notehead. On the right-hand side, choose the Note name noteheads range. You will find the basic Do, Re etc. noteheads here. For noteheads that contain accidentals as well, choose the Note name noteheads supplement range at the very bottom of the list of categories. Add the appropriate solfège notehead covering the white notehead by setting its attachment point to e.g. Middle left to Middle left.

Now repeat for all of the noteheads in the notehead set.


Thank you very much!! :slight_smile:

If DeReMis are available, then perhaps it might be possible to get SaReGams as well? Fringe benefit: a million indian users <:-)

Could you make a video tutorial on this? In Poland we have the German system, B=H, Bb=B etc. This function with note names is useful in education :pray:

Hello Daniel,

Do you think that, in a future version, we’ll be able to have a direct and easy option to get Latin notes (Solfège)? After all, it’s widely used in this world.

p.s. I upgraded from Dorico 4.5 to 5. automatically, without question and with complete confidence, but I haven’t had time to analyze the new features yet. I did, however, check out the main features on Youtube and I can tell you it’s wonderful. I’m looking forward to my new projects with D5. Your idea of constantly improving the basic workflow and facilitating access to functions is remarkable. It’s the right thing to do. Thanks to you and the Dorico team.

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Hello Dorico team and colleagues,
In Bulgaria we are using both Solfege (Do, Re, Mi… as main) and the German letter system. The English Letter system here is used only by the jazz musicians.
Would be really nice if we have an option to globally select the system we prefer for the noteheads and the Key Editor in the Preferences, this is already available in Cubase. :slight_smile:

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Thurisaz :slight_smile:


Hello, i’m facing the same problem (but i need the accent) … Using it in Portuguese that is Dó Ré Lá Mi Fá Sol Lá Si
Is there any way to make the chords like that?

I’m afraid Bravura doesn’t contain the appropriate glyphs with accents suitable for Portuguese, Fabio, sorry.

Is modifying the noteheads possible in SE?

Welcome to the forum, @wws. I’m afraid the Library > Notehead Sets dialog is only available in Dorico Pro. You can always use Dorico Pro for 60 days with a trial version in order to complete this kind of setup for future projects, and then return to Dorico SE at the end of your trial period.