Dorico Does It Better | Unique features for music notation

Indeed it does! Watching the video, I felt delighted and so proud of owning my copy of this wonderful music notation software.

Huge thanks to Dorico Team & @dspreadbury .

Dorico Does It Better | Unique features for music notation - YouTube


It’s a really great video, I agree – another stunning piece of work by our talented colleague @Anthony_at_Steinberg :slight_smile:


It is a nice video, packing in a lot. Though I have to say that the music is a little bit “Please hold; your call is important to us”.

It would be nice to have something done in Dorico that audibly showcases the features we’re seeing. Though that adds a level of meta-complexity, I realise.


I would go so far as to say that the music in the video is a BIG turn-off for myself, and many people I know.
I’m trying to convince some composer friends to make the change from F. to Dorico, and I can assure you that this video would definitely NOT be a selling point for them, only because of the music.

LOL! I first watched it on my phone with no sound and thought it was pretty well done! After seeing your comment I had to go back and rewatch with sound and yeah, not the greatest choice of music :grimacing:

I’m not sure what all the musical examples are, but Kenny Dorham’s Blue Bossa (visible around 0:12) is clearly still under copyright in the US anyway. Not sure if anyone cares, but just thought I’d mention it.

:joy: :sleeping:

This cracked me up:

I loved the video. Wonderful!


He certainly is a big plus. Your entire team is amazing- and appreciated!

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Wouldn’t your own music and how you’ve done it within Dorico be more important to your composer friends than any silly video in convincing them to use the software?

They are appealing to a certain video trope that is currently in vogue where these sorts of demos are concerned. That stock music is very common for this style of video; they were tapping into that common internet ‘language’.

Frankly, the video is quite svelte, irrespective of whether or not you liked the stock music. If they had used Bach, people would have complained it wasn’t Beethoven. :man_shrugging:t2:


I honestly liked the video and the music.
Do I have to leave now? :wink:

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I find it ironic that with several centuries of wonderful music to choose from, they pick THAT. Must be a committee decision and copyright problem. Maybe have a contest among Dorico composers to write some good music for the commercial.

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It’s appalling. If I heard that when trying to phone a company, I’d likely hang up and I suspect the music will put as many people off Dorico as it will attract which I’m sure is not the intention. Nevertheless, the majority of people switching to Dorico will probably do so on the basis of personal recommendations so perhaps it doesn’t do too much harm and it certainly does fulfil its purpose of showing some of the multitude of features available in the software.

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Thanks for mentioning. I also wasn’t fond of the music, in part because I hear that computer generated clap track kind of thing on the internet so much - but I understood that was the point - to make an appealing video ‘for the masses’. Anthony did a great video and made a great choice for the music for the point I think they’re trying to make here.

Which is I think that the Dorico team is trying to put a stake in the stand and say “Dorico is ready” - meaning it’s now a mature, complete notation tool for the majority of musicians. Daniel said this in a post recently, and I agree as since the last release I’ve been declaring Dorico feature complete as far as I’m concerned. Which means looking forward to the new features coming, but not stopped in any way from doing my work.

Been an intense six years or whatever for for the team I imagine, time to celebrate and tell the world it’s a mature platform now.

oh for pity’s sake.

y’all need to take. a. breath. It’s a short YT ad video. A rapid-fire succession of screen grabs to show some fancy features. That’s it.


lol … we’re such a bunch of snobs :grinning:


quite right. But that’s why we use notation software instead of just playing or singing everything into a DAW.

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