Dorico does not correctly remember the window setting

Honestly it begins to drive me crazy and it is very very nerve-racking!
Dorico 2 (as well as Dorico 1) almost never remembers the window setting!

I work with a 3440 x 1440 monitor and I do not need Dorico to be full screen, and as I also have to work very often with an other app open together with Dorico (Finale or Cubase for example) I set Dorico to be about half the screen.
But almost each time I open a project the window size is not remembered and I have to resize Dorico!

I could live with this if it only would happen a few times but almost each time is simply too much!
On some rare occasions Dorico remembers the last window setting but then the next time it opens again in a kind of default setting covering 2/3 of the screen.
There is absolutely no recognizable pattern to why it acts like this.

Why is it so?
I already wrote a thread on this some months ago but nothing has changed.

What I don’t understand is that I have not read about any user complaining about this!
Am I alone with this or are you all working with Dorico in the default window size?
It could mean that something is wrong with my system!
But for example Cubase never does this, it always (ALWAYS) remembers the last window setting.
I also do not encounter this problem with any other app.

Where should I look at in my PC configuration?
Ist is a Dorico bug?
Is there some hidden setting somewhere in Dorico?

I can assure you as soon as you begin to work intensively with the program, having to resize the window for almost each project can drive you mad! :frowning:

I use Windows 10 - 64 bit

I can’t say I’ve noticed whether Dorico remembers its window position. What I do know is that I frequently use Dorico in one half of my screen and another app in the other half, just using Windows 10’s native screen splitting feature. It takes a matter of seconds to drag each window over to one side of the screen, and both windows then stay in place for the duration of the session. Might be worth investigating, if you haven’t already.

Thanks pianoleo
Your suggestion is indeed a good idea and this is much faster than manually resizing!
For the time being I will then use this Windows feature.

@dorico team
But I think for the case that the culprit is not my system then Dorico should remember the window setting.
Or please help me to find what can be wrong with my system if it does not happen to other.

Also good to know the shortcuts:

win+left arrow


win+right arrow

Even faster.

Thanks LAE!

could this be a W10 issue…? on W7 and W8.1 which I’m using daily, Dorico certainly remembers window positions…

You are not alone with this problem. I also have this on my Mac system. And it is indeed very annoying and time consuming.

ReRei, macos also has built-in split screen functionality. Again, I implore you to investigate it, if you haven’t already.

Also, the MIXER window does not remember its placement, dimensions and zoom levels.

I really don’t expect that level of polish at this stage of the product, which I think should really be considered “advanced beta”. But these are things that really do impact productivity. And when I say “productivity”, it isn’t just about how many keystrokes are needed to get a score done. “Productivity”, IMHO is more about creating an environment where the artist can keep his or her attention focused on the art, rather than have to twiddle with window setting and other distractions. I expect this will all happen in due course.

There are few helper programs that run in the background that will give you supreme control over preferred window sizes and positions. Long time since I needed one so I don’t remember any names, but a quick googling will probably reveal a few.

Dorico always opens new documents to a window size that is smaller than I would like. Existing document remember their size.

For me not true. Existing files often open in a different size than last saved.

Ben, you can set the preference to always open new windows maximised, which I personally have set.

teacue, there is indeed a bug that means that sometimes the saved window positions are not preserved when opening an existing project. We do plan to fix the problem but I’m afraid it’s not among our highest priorities right at the moment. We only have limited time available and a lot of things we need to work on.

Thanks for your answer, at least it seems it’s not my configuration then.
But I find this kind of small details makes the difference between a great, a good, or a mediocre environment!

I will then use the Windows 10 screen splitting feature until you decide to fix this.

I certainly understand your annoyance with this issue, but I’m afraid it’s not the most pressing thing we have to deal with right now, and I’m sorry to say that you’ll just have to trust that we will prioritise this problem appropriately and try to take care of it as soon as we can.

Yes! I trashed my prefs as part of a bug hunt, and forgot about that setting.


I just discovered that in the user setting folder there is a file named “WindowPosition.ini”!
In this file Dorico is painstakingly notating the window setting for every document you ever opened!
It means that there are hundreds of settings there!
It’s easy to calculate/see because the first window setting begins with line 1 and ends at line 9 then the next window setting begins at line 11 and so on.

It looks like this for example:
[path and name of the project-file]

The exact position of the window is there so Dorico does remember the window setting indeed!
(I have changed the title of the thread accordingly :wink: )
Kudos for doing this but now I am curious to know what is going wrong!

The problem is that the IDs can end up out of sync, so it doesn’t find the entry in the file that it’s looking for. The problem is not something you can influence, but rather how Dorico identifies each window belonging to each project. It’s on our list of things to address, as I’ve explained.

When will this problem get solved? Are there any news to this?

The problem was fixed in Dorico 2.2.