Dorico doesn't export XML after 7:4 Tuplet

Hi, I am not able to export XML from Dorico. It work great till Dorico discovers in this piece a 7:4 tuplet.
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In this particular 4/4 bar Dorico creates an extra quarter note and stops exporting all the music after this bar:

How could I solve it?
I tried to recreate this 7:4 tuplet, save and export again. No success. I tried to replace this 7:4 tuplet with eight notes tuplet - 7:8. No success.
Bildschirmfoto 2024-01-26 um 11.13.09
If it could be important or helpful: This piece was created in Sibelius and exported from Sibelius as XML. It worked just fine and Dorico opened this XML just fine.
Thank you in anvance for your help and ideas😊

Yes. If Dorico cannot resolve the tuplet as Sibelius has encoded it, then this can happen. The issue is on the export side, rather than the import. Possible routes to try…

  1. The Dolet XML plugin in Sibelius works better than Sibelius’s own xml export (or at least it used to)
  2. You can try going via MuseScore. Import the xml to a museScore file and re-export. (the tuplet may be mis-represented, but subsequent notes will be retained)
  3. Delete the tuplet in Sibelius and replace it with a text comment. Re-enter it in Dorico (unsatisfactory if there are many to do!)
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Thank you. Probably a 3 solution is an easiest one. Unfortunately I do not own Sibelius any more, so I depend on friends which still do work with this program. And I cannot post it here, as it is a copyrighted material. But I could send it to one of Dorico team experts per mail.

But I still wonder - if Dorico is able to open a Sibelius XML without some mistakes, why Dorico is not able to export it as XML again in a right way?

After a few experiments I am quite sure - it is a Dorico issue. I deleted all 3 tuplets, wrote there just a whole note instead and Dorico XML export was just fine. After I created all these tuplets again - eight notes tuplet 7:8 in 4/4, Dorico refused to export all the notes after it discovered the first tuplet. Quite suprising but it is like it is. As I am getting from time to time requests to arrange this piece and XML is a best way to share. Any way for that reason I must stuck with Sibelius XML export I did years ago, as I was Sibelius user.

Sorry. I cannot reproduce this.

For me, Dorico imports and exports various tuplets without problem. Certainly a file originating in Dorico, exported as xml, re-imports faultlessly, even with multiple nested tuplets. The only problem i get is with tuplets that span barlines (as shown here)
tuplet export.dorico (1.3 MB)

Thats interesting. Thank you for taking time. Any way what ever I did trying in this particular piece to reset everything I could - appeareance, spacing etc…Even completely recreate those tuplets - It didn’t work…

If you’d like to provide us with the MusicXML file you’re importing, we can take a look and see what might be up.

Daniel. Are you aware of the tuplet-spanning-barline problem? (See the file I posted above)

Dear Daniel, thank you for your answer. I will send you this file per email. I am not able to post it here, because of Petes Edition copyright.

I asked one friend of mine, who still owns Sibelius, to delete those 3 bars with 7:4 tuplets in piano part and to send me a new XML again. Dorico imports a new file properly like a previous one, but a second file without tuplets Dorico exports properly as well. So it seams this particular 7:4 tuplet is a reason why Dorico is not able to export XML. But, as soon as I open a new XML without tuplets in Dorico, create those tuplets and export it as XML - Dorico is not able to export all the musical material again, which comes after a first tuplet.

Dear Daniel, I am sure you have a lot to do. Any way it would be great if you or somebody of your team could look into a Dorico file I’ve send you at 29th of January per email. My task is to export XML from this particular Dorico file. Dorico exports all metrics, bars, but there are no musical material, after it “discovers” a tuplet 7:4 in piano part. I could check it out opening this XML export in Dorico again. If you could see a reason, why it happens, there is no need to discuss a source where this Dorico file was created from. Would be a most convenient way to go, if I would send you this file once more again?

Perhaps Daniel has had less time than usual to look at your file given the attention required to bring out the Dorico 5.1.02 updates this week.

No doubt he has.

Are there any updates regarding this issue? Who should I send my Dorico file to for review? The problem is that Dorico doesn’t exports XML after it “discovers” a 7:4 tuplet.

I will come back to you about this as soon as I can. I have an enormous pile of things to look at sent to me by dozens of users. I’m sorry for the delay in coming back to you about it.

Thank you Daniel for your answer:)