Dorico Doesn't Like Double Barline at End of Flow

I am a music theory instructor, and, as a result, I occasionally want to end exercises (flows) with double barlines rather than the default final. I find it cumbersome to go into the Notation options and change the default barline for every flow, and I used to enjoy simply pressing Shift+B, typing in “double,” and calling it a day. However, now I get this dialog box: “To add bars, first add a time signature. If you want to add more time but no time signature, instead enter a duration like +4q into the popover.”

Well, clearly, I don’t want to add bars, or else I’d do that. I just want to change the barline. And if I press Enter to dismiss the dialog box, the barline won’t change to what I want; I have to physically click the OK button (which disrupts my workflow).

Is there a way around this? Or is this another example of Dorico telling me how I should be writing my music?

You can select all the Flows together in Notation Options, and then select the barline style in one go. Done.

It’s a sort of false positive, and one that I’ve previously reported. This dialog is supposed to appear when you try to add bars without first giving Dorico a time signature. For some reason it appears if you try to add a non-default barline at the end of a flow - even a flow that does already have a time signature.

There isn’t a way around this apart from the method that Ben’s suggested.