Dorico doesn't recognize my programmed mouse button

I use the back-key on my Logitech Mouse to double-click in all apps (MacPro) without any problems. But in Dorico I MUST use the standard button left-click to double-click how come?

I’m afraid I have no idea. What model of mouse is it? I presume it has some kind of application that is used to perform the programming?

It’s a Logitech Performance MX, and yes it uses Logitech Control Center in the System Preferences.
And thanks a lot for the quick reply.!

OK, I guess we’ll see if we can get hold of one of these and try it out for ourselves.

Here is the configuration of the mouse:


A colleague has a Logitech Anwhere MX2 mouse, so I tried that, but it uses the newer Logitech Options software rather than the older Logitech Control Centre software, and configuring the side buttons to perform a double-click works perfectly in Dorico. I don’t know whether it’s possible for you to use the newer Options software with your current mouse?