Dorico Doesn't show Custom Articulation in MusicXML

I have a MusicXML ( uncompressed file) exported from Final v26. When I import it in Dorico, It the custom articulations don’t show up in the xml file. I have selected all the settings in the Preferences> musicxml page.

<note default-x="416">
    <stem default-y="0">up</stem>
    <beam number="1">begin</beam>
        <harmonic default-x="3" default-y="-46" placement="below" print-object="yes"/>

The custom articulation is the “<technical><harmonic>” element above… When I open the musicxml file in Finale, It shows up correctly as an open circle above the notes.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Your custom articulation is a slur?

I am sorry, I had copied and pasted the wrong region!! It is the “<technical><harmonic>”

I fixed my OP.

I’m afraid at the moment Dorico doesn’t import harmonics in MusicXML, but this is something we plan to implement in a future version.

Good to know.

I have hired someone to typeset a Persian score in Finale ( he doesn’t have Dorico) and then, I import it to complete the score in Dorico.

I suppose I can ask him to place another articulation that is IMPORTABLE in MusicXML via Dorico and then I use Filter selection in Dorico to replaced them with real harmonics after I imported them in Dorico.

I will detache the symbol in Finale then, and it works. Thankfully, they are not used in the score we are working on.