Dorico East West ornament not operational in score

I try without success to play the east west symphonic orchestra sound in my score, tried everything, tutorial, video, forum info

the key mapping sounds work in test (several screenshots below) all the sounds work but in the score impossible to make them or some or else random or add further ornaments and nothing on the others etc.

need help, if someone has the solution, I will be extremely grateful

the parameters reacts or not randomly or sometimes not at all
what am I doing wrong or forgetting something etc. ?

sorry cannot screenshot !? just one item !? expression map

technique ornament2

mapping key switch violin

for basic example
partition note|690x178

I have EWHO but no time to test this, however I’d be very surprised if it wasn’t operator error. One thing that would be very helpful is if Dorico had a MIDI debugging logging output, but lacking that you can get similar behavior by putting a MIDI sniffer on the port, IF you have VSL or some such.

Otherwise, I haven’t done this but I believe all the MIDI CC’s are available in the MIDI lane in the Play mode. But here you’re trying to trigger F0 … OK, what about doing a MIDI export then? Do a test with a single note, import that into Cubase or whatever, and take a look at exactly what you get.

Dorico does a bunch of other things, you’ll see reset and initialization messages at the beginning for example, but if you’re not getting your note then your not triggering it properly. Most likely cause is not just the expression map, but the playing technique which triggers it.

Hello DanMcL,

thank you for your reply and your help

although a beginner in this field, I admit that I didn t understand much of your explanation of midi cc, midi sniffer on the port, export etc. and I do not know if the direction since it works in map menu key test

in my screenshots the sounds work in the switches, the keys map too, all expressions of play are perfectly ok

the problem is at the level for example: 3 normal note, fourth note expressions, example staccato or trill, remains on example base sound (natural) but not always and it depends on the expression

I created a new partition it works on some not others, another partition another reaction
I specify that import each time the map key and it works in the map key switch menu (test button) the sound corresponds and works. (screenshot my first message)

only in the score these expressions are not switched or ignored

the ornaments must be in ornaments or there is confusion between ornaments and techniques, but the think that my example belongs to this category ornaments and not technical

I’m sorry but I’ve no idea what you’re doing here. Trills just use the tr symbol and there are predefined playing techniques for half and whole tone trills — you just programme the correct key switch (which you may have just fine depending on which library) You can use the “properties “ panel to notate the trill correctly. A trill is an “attribute “ by the way which means it lasts only the note it applies to and not a “direction “ which continues until cancelled.

in thsi menu dorico ( screenshot ) like in play east west app and works perfectly
expression map

the trill was only an example, I have the same thing with for example staccato or other ornaments

Best way to get help is create the simplest example you can in a new file and upload it. The experts can take a quick look and figure out where you’re going wrong. Also it is hard to understand exactly what you’re saying your trouble is. Just post an example with a clear statement of what you want and what is happening.

Hello dko22,
in my last screenshot are all the expressions of east west symphonic orchstra and all work perfectly if you click the listen to the expression button and the play east west switch software on the corresponding key (visual in play software )

Hello DanMcL,

my example is very simple, how to ring an ornament attributed and existing in my score, everything else works

but I can send a example , have you east west Orchestra symphonic and the correct key map files ?
there is a lot of mapkey for east west Orchestra symphonic that doesn’t work, mine works 100%

Hi @GbMus78 . The last screenshot looks fine — I guess I’m just having problems understanding what you’re trying to do and what isn’t working. Again with staccato, just put a dot on top of your note and it will look for the patch named staccato. What is Staccato RR? If you have more than one staccato patch for the instrument then sure— you may need to create new playing techniques so Dorico knows which patch to use