Dorico Education = Pro?

Is Dorico Education version the same as Pro? Does it have the same features?


There is a discount on the price for Education users - there is no Education ‘version’. So, yes, it’s Pro.

Thank you!
One more question: in the future, will dorico 4.5 be a free upgrade to dorico 4 users?

The last “.5” version was a paid upgrade, but I believe the team have said that there will not be another .5 version. However, a free .1 (and maybe even .2…?) updates are expected, that will add more features.

We do not anticipate releasing any x.5 versions in future. The next major version of Dorico will be Dorico 5, but not for a very long time (Dorico 4 has only been available for seven weeks). All Dorico 4.x updates will be free to existing Dorico 4 users.