Dorico Elements 2.2 remove or hide staff option?


I have a sheet I downloaded in XML from the web, it contains a line of lyrics and melody and two additional staves with piano arrangement underneath, basic melody and piano accompaniment altogether 3 staves, I would like to remove the piano portion and turn it into a lead sheet type of manuscript which contains just the top most line of melody lyrics and chords, I read I can remove a staff with edit\remove staff but I can’t find that option (I’m a beginner) if there is no way to remove it, is there a way to hide it from printing please? thank you!

Just create a layout that doesn’t contain the piano part. That operation is done in Setup mode. In fact, you might find that your Melody instrument already has a part layout that’s been automatically generated, that will likely do the job.

thank you! it worked! I still don’t know how to delete a staff though I guess it’s not that easy

You can remove staffs from an a multi-staff instrument by selecting an item on the staff, right-clicking and going Staff > Remove staff. That will remove the staff from ALL layouts, which isn’t what you want here.

You can also hide empty staves from Layout Options, but I don’t think Elements has access to that.

I don’t have a “staff” option when right clicking, I have an option “staff size” but that doesn’t have “remove staff” in it

Maybe this feature is missing from Elements?

Correct: all of Dorico Pro’s features for adding and removing staves, including divisi and ossia, are excluded from Dorico Elements.