Dorico Elements 3.5 code problem

Hi There,
In October I bought Dorico Elements 3.5, I worked with it a lot,created piano sheets and other notes. Unexpectedly at the end of December the program did not let me enter. The notice said my code was deactivated and it asks for a new activation code.
I tried to contact Steinberg by phone and by emails but there has been no answer.
Can anybody help me?

Welcome to the forum Diana.
Did you have your Dorico license on the Soft- or USB-eLicenser?
And if you launch the eLicenser Control Center, what is shown now as license(s)?
Did you maybe work until now only on a temporary license?
Did you enter in October the activation code for Dorico Elements?

Sorry, questions over questions, but all necessary and relevant.

Hi Ulf,
Thank you for writing me. I had my license on the soft-eLicenser. I was sent a license redemption card. If I launch to Control Center now it says: “deactivated Soft-eLicenser.” I don’t think I have a temporary license because I ordered a permanent one and on the box I got it writes: “free update to current version.” In October I had a computer expert who helped me to start Dorico and he activated the program because I’m not too good at computer English. Then I worked with it for weeks but then I got ill and did not use it for 3 weeks. After it I could not start it. When I try to start it,it asks me for a new activation code.
Sorry for answering you so long,waiting for your reply.

Diana, are you able to follow this procedure to request a new activation code? If not, let me know.

Thank you very much,I will try it tomorrow because I will have enough time only then, I hope I can do it,if not I will write to you.
Best wishes,

I have solved the problem with Dorico Elements 3.5,thank you for helping me.
Another question is when I write piano sheet music and notes to the program, it causes me problem to write whole chords and more difficult things into it,I can only write one note. Can you help me because I would like to write longer songs and it is very slow thus. I tried to read this in the user guide,but I cannot understand some words.
Thank you for your help.

If you’re not using a MIDI keyboard to input chords, you need to press the q key on your computer keyboard to enter the “qord” mode — it requires that you press space to advance the caret when you’re done writing your chord. I am pretty sure everything is explained in the manual or in videos on Youtube…

Thank you for your reply and advice,I will try it.
Best wishes,