Dorico Elements 3.5 figured bass

Trying to add this to a score for the first time. I have the popover (shift-G), but although I’m entering numbers, nothing appears in the score. I’ve tried using the options in Edit, but no luck so far. Any advice please?

Have you set relevant players to show figured bass in the current layout? (and all layouts you want to show it in?)

Edit: read to the bottom of this page - if you’re entering e.g. 5,3 figures or figures where there are no notes, only rests, then they are be hidden automatically. To show figures on rests, select the rest and in the Properties panel at the bottom, activate Show figured bass in the Notes and Rests group.

Thanks for this. I’ve now checked the box for showing figured bass against the organ in my score. I’ve opened the popover with shift-G, and entered the numbers 5,3 and pressed return, but still no figures showing on the score. Have I still missed something?

As mentioned in the main intro topic to figured bass linked above, by default Dorico doesn’t show any figures for 5,3. You should instead see a signpost (if you’ve got signposts turned on). I don’t think you can change that in Elements, as in Pro there are Engraving Options for such figures.

It doesn’t seem to make any difference what numbers I use - nothing shows up in the score.

How about entering !5,3 ? Not possible in elements?

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The important part was “!”

If I may, you might like to work through this article on FB in Dorico, which covers most of the sticking points.

No - it doesn’t seem to matter what I enter. It just isn’t working at all. I’m sure there must be some setting I’ve missed …

I’m guessing this only works in Pro

Elements definitely supports figured bass. There must be something amiss in your settings. Can you share the project here, please?

@MarcLarcher quite rightly (thanks Marc!) pointed out that you can “force” an entry using ! at the start. So if you enter “!5,3” into the figured bass popover, you get a 5,3 figure. I just tried this running Elements myself, and it works.

Do also check you’ve got figured bass signposts shown so you can check whether something has been input but not shown, or not input at all.

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OK thanks - I haven’t been able to make this work today, but will return to it tomorrow and follow the last two instructions.