Dorico Elements 4 Activation status Not yet activated

Jus need some help with the Steinberg Licensing " Verification Pending" problem for my Dorico Elements 4.
I read and tried most of the suggested solutions but with no result, the software still not registered and I’m not sure what to do.
thank you in advance for you help !

What is currently shown in Steinberg Activation Manager, and in the eLicenser Control Center?

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thank you Richard, I uploaded the screenshots requested …any idea what the problem could be , any help would be really appreciated

Sorry for the delay: I’m not very familiar with the grace period process - and it looks like you are upgrading during your grace period - so I need to wait for some information from one of my other colleagues.

Thank you dear Richard and I understand the delay, I live in Bangkok so the time difference it’s probably a problem .
It’s strange because I bought Dorico 3.5 LE and I was using it and it never been in grace period before .
I will wait for the solution.
thank you again

one more thin in SAM it show also the Dorico Pro 4 version, which I didn’t intend to install, I downloaded by mistake trying to fix the problem.
Thank you again

problem solved, I had some help from Daniel, he sent me a new activation code and it worked :pray: