Dorico Elements 5 Update 5.1.30

Hi Pete, I tried via gmail but it did refuse my mail due to security reasons.
So instead I’ve sent it to you via private message on this board. Please check

Same here, it is so sad that Steinberg could never make things simpler when it comes to updates, installers, download folders, update installers, punch in passwords, just to find yourself back to the first window, nothing changed but you just lost an hour of your precious life.
So I opened Dorico, (without updating), imported an MXL file, and sure enough Dorico crushed. I know the solution, restart W11, but I have tons of windows open, work stuff. So there goes my nice reserved hour for playing my guitar.
I don´t know how many times in the last years I complained about all this, ( like many others), simplicity was promised, but nothing happened. Again, when I update Guitar Pro, it takes less than a minute and never crashes. If Dorico wasn´t such an awsome software I would have dumped it a long time ago.

Just tried with the "so-called “Steinberg download assistant”, The first thing: it needs to update, and of course, it gets stuck updating, what a joke. I, mean how many updates of “Update assistants” and “Activation Managers” do software require? Even W11 updates smoothly.

Make sure Dorico and any Steinberg apps are closed (quit) before updating assistant. That might be why it’s stuck.

I assume you did this as admin or you gave admin privileges to the SDA when it asked for?

Thanks, I lost my patience anyway, have a great evening!

The Download Assistant has to update “every time” a new update happens (even if the update is in another Steinberg program, I expect) to be able to download any new software properly.

I have no idea what several computer configurations may cause download & installation problems, and I do not for a minute minimize the frustration of those who have problems downloading. That would drive me nuts.
Still, although what appear to be a lot of requests for help with downloading pop up on this forum (where the response is usually very quick), considering how widespread the total Dorico user base is, I expect for most users the download and installation process is relatively simple and successful, at least after the first time through.

But to be really honest, even I as a Steinberger am pretty frustrated with the Download Assistant. Though it usually downloads and installs fine with me, I also don’t understand why it takes so long time to update and start-up. Our onboarding process really has still lots of room for improvement.


But… Totally anecdotal and unrepresentative: I’ve never experienced real problems updating, even upgrading major versions.
Just always those little annoyances that so many distinct components apparently needed an update and wanted me to confirm that it was OK — yeah sure, go ahead! All those separate steps could be smoothed out much better.

FWIW, there also seem to be a lot more problems on the Finale forum from folks not being able to update or get sound out of their machine smoothly, so perhaps the newer OS’s are partly to blame.