Dorico Elements: Can't access metronome/click options

Forgive the total noob question here; I’m sure the answer is staring me in the face. I’m using Elements2 Version on Windows 10.

When I try to follow these instructions to disable the metronome/click during MIDI recording, I get nowhere:

  1. Nothing happens when I press crtl-shift-P, so I can’t access the click options the way the help text describes. (Ctrl-P alone switches me to Print mode, so at least I know my keyboard is working.)

  2. No biggie, I access Preferences via the Edit menu, but there is no page or tab labeled “Playback Options” (Please see attached screen capture). I try the “Play” page, but there is no “Metronome Click” section or anything about the metronome on this page.

Because the descriptions in the online help don’t come close to matching what I’m seeing on screen, I figure I must be in some bizarro world mode or in a parallel universe or something. I’m completely lost, in other words. Is there a master set of options that override the options for an individual composition, perhaps?

And on a related question, the click on/off switch in the transport control has no effect for recording. I gather from another post that it doesn’t do anything during recording, but I can’t turn the metronome off at all. I click it off (white instead of blue) before hitting record, but the click still sounds when I start recording. (It will turn on and off for playback, but not for record.)

Many thanks…

I only have Pro not Elements, and I don’t know why the shortcut isn’t working, but you are looking in the wrong place.

Go to Play mode and select Playback Options at the bottom of the Play menu.

If you don’t have that in the Elements Play menu, then I guess the some of the documentation from Pro has got into the Elements help files by mistake, and Element doesn’t have these options at all :frowning:

Have you selected a staff and measure before trying to start recording?

Ah, my apologies - this topic hasn’t been marked up correctly, Dorico Elements doesn’t have the Playback Options dialog and so this should be excluded from the Elements manual. My sincere apologies for missing this, and thank you for bringing it to my attention - I will fix it asap.

Thanks, Rob - Lillie confirms your hunch. One more reason to upgrade to Pro :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’m glad to get confirmation that I’m not losing what’s left of my mind lol. (Also, your prompt reply helps confirm my thinking that Dorico is the right choice–much appreciated!)

Hi Dan, yes, I selected the rest in the first measure in several blank projects and the first note in a couple of the included scores but can’t get the click on/off switch to do anything. I’m going to upgrade to Pro with its full metronome controls, so I assume that will take care of the issue.

Thanks for your Beginner’s Guide to Dorico, by the way - really helpful.