Dorico Elements is hanging on its Soundcontent file

Just been trying to install all my Steinberg Products via the Download Assistant on a new Mac Studio running OSX 14.4.1 Sonoma. So Im starting with a clean slate.

Cubase 13 reinstall seemed to go OK but Dorico Elements is hanging on its Soundcontent file.

When looking at the activity manager on the Mac I noticed the Steinberg Library Manager and Dowload Assistant are showing as Kind = Intel when everything else shows Kind=Apple.

This makes me wonder whether the invocation of Download Assistant and the Library Manger should be run under Rosetta.

So have the following questions if anyone can throw any light on this.

1: Are these Intel specific coded programs ie no Apple Native versions?
2: Do I need to run these under Rosetta?
3: Is there a help sheet to show how these should be used on a new clean install of a new Apple CPU Mac?

Oh and where should the questions on the ancillary Steinberg programs like Download Assistant, Library and Authentication Manager be posted ?

Comments appreciated.

Thanks David

Hi @Dave ,
would you please try instead to download the contents files directly from our website’s download page?

And yes, these utilities are intel only and run automatically in Rosetta mode, no need to do anything in regards to that. Questions on them you can also post here in the Dorico Forum.

Thanks for link.
I’m using Dorico 4 elements not five which the link takes me to.
Are all the ancillary sound content the same between the two versions?


Here is the link for Dorico 4.

Thanks for update link Ulf.

Regarding the sound content used by Dorico 4 and 5.

I am already a Halion 7 and a Groove Agent 5 full user, so can I confirm that all the vstsound files used by Dorico are those I have already installed for Halion 7 and GA5, therefore I do not need to download the Dorico 4 or 5 content except presumably in the circumstance below.

I noted when checking all the file names manually in my vstsound library with the file names in the my Dorico 4 content file that a few soundfiles (around 4-5 previous Halion HSSE and GA SE I believe) had file name changes, one example being Indian Drum Basics which became Indian_Drum_Basics.

The name change on those handful of files are basically that spaces in the file names were replaced with underscores. This did mean that those files are effectively duplicated in my vstsound library as far as the content was concerned.

In these files I assume both would need retaining in the library as Halion and Dorico are looking for the file with their specific file name used in their programming.

I know some older operating systems and also backup systems have trouble with spaces in file names so wondered if this is why the change to names was made or was it just because the programmers are used to working with their best practice?


To be honest, I don’t know why the file names for some sound files were changed.

But more importantly, does Dorico now recognise everything as it should? Do you get the playback to make sound?


Thanks for response and help

I haven’t fully tested yet as I’m installing lots of software from scratch on my new machine but I have sorted the soundfiles library which Dorico 4 Elements uses. But I’m also looking ahead at Dorico 5 and Dorico uses of Steinberg vstsound files generally.

It always things like those file name changes and how they play out with additional programs like Steinberg Media bay and Library Manager which take the time when seeking a stable system. As you will appreciate the larger the studio with more diverse software the more complex the problem as every software manufacturer tried to automate installs differently. The underlying issue is it’s the studio/user which has to manage the cost and space issues so need flexibility in that regard. A red line for me is avoiding software which makes that difficult as time is precious.

So this is why my question regards whether Dorico just uses (or intend to just use) the vstsound files from Halion 7 and GA5 libraries which already exist, or is the plan to have a unique Dorico related sub sound set which may be different.

In this latter case I would need to be managing my central studio sound library a different way if I want to avoid both duplicate space use and potential stability issues usually caused by wrong path and filenames.


In theory, all of this content should be installed only once on your system, managed by Steinberg Library Manager, and used by all Steinberg applications and plug-ins from that central location. There’s no requirement that you would need to install the content multiple times for different apps.

Thanks that is what I believed and set my central sound library up to handle (until I spotted the file name change issue with blanks being removed replaced by underscores on a few soundfile names) .

Have hit something similar with Steinberg before on software updates where the format of the file name was modified on a plist so the new plist was not found as the old one was not overwritten as intended. That one knocked out my Steinberg Audio interface the AX4RT which cost me time to resolve.

As you will appreciate it’s these types of day to day development issues which can slip through and cause time and potential money loss at the user end. As the old saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure”.