Dorico Elements metronome

I am new to Dorico and generally very pleased, apart from the metronome.
Is there any way to turn down the awful metronome beep?
It’s such a nasty, jarring sound which makes it impossible to concentrate on any of what I’ve already written.
There are lots of references to settings in Playback Options, but I’ve just discovered - after 3 hours of Google - this is only available in the Pro version.
How can I turn down this awful noise in Dorico Elements 3.5?

Sure. Follow Ulf’s instructions: The Metronome sound Is Horrible on Dorico Elements 3.5 - #3 by Ulf

If I may be so bold, I really don’t think this should be the default. It really is a horrible, jarring sound.

I second this, why is this sound default??

As Ulf stated once, this sound was requested by some professionals in the record or film industry, where this kind of sound is standard. But you can easily change it in playback options if you have pro, or follow Leo’s advice.

Thanks for this Leo, it worked a treat.

For what it’s worth, the default metronome sound in future versions of Dorico will be the UREI-style click, rather than the beep.

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