Dorico Elements recording mode

I am using the trial of Dorico Elements (pc version) and recording a piano piece using my midi keyboard. I’m trying to record this in chunks. I have noticed that when I try to record over a portion that I’ve previously recorded, the new recording is added to what was previously recorded. I’d like to have the new recording overwrite what was previously recorded. I’ve looked for a setting to change this but haven’t been able to find a place to change this. Appreciate any help on whether it’s possible to overwrite a portion of prior recording and if so, where do I change the options for this. Thanks in advance for any help.

Welcome to the forum @bdobrien - is Chord mode active when you’re recording? If so, anything you input will be merged with any existing material. Deactivate Chords in the Notes toolbox on the left (the button with the 3-note chord) to overwrite existing material when you input new stuff.

Thanks Lillie. I checked and the chord mode is disabled, but I am still getting things added with each pass instead of overwriting the part I am trying to rerecord. I’ve attached a screen shot where you can see the pedal marks are getting added over and over. Please let me know if there might be something else that I am missing that could cause this.

Thanks for your help.

Ah, I think Dorico won’t remove existing pedal marks when recording again: only the notes will be replaced. It’s an interesting case that I don’t think we’ve considered in detail before, and we’ll need to think about it.

For the time being, you should find that if you select one of the pedal lines and type Ctrl+Shift+A, the shortcut for Edit > Select More, you can quickly select multiple pedal lines to remove them.