Dorico Elements Text Editing

I am trying to change the text frame at the top of the first page so that the dedication line is italics and has a smaller font but no matter what I try my changes are not saved. What else can I try?

Thank you.


Sorry to hear you’re having this problem, Tracy. You should find that simply clicking away from the text editor, e.g. selecting a note or a rest, will close the editor and confirm the changes you made.

Hi Tracy, are you perhaps editing the master page, but have a page override on the page in question? Can you clarify what you’re trying to achieve?

And welcome to the forum!

Thanks for the help. I ended up just creating a new score to solve the problem.

Dan, you probably remember this anyway, but you can’t edit master pages in Dorico Elements because Engrave mode is not included.

Oops. I had missed that bit, actually…