Dorico Elements with Superior Drummer 3 as VST - crash cymbals trigger ride cymbal in Playback

I have Dorico Elements 3.5, and I am using Superior Drummer as the VST; I am creating a Percussion Map, using the Drum Set instrument.

I have been able to successfully map all components of the drum kit except the cymbals.

I was able to successfully map the ride cymbal with three playing techniques: Natural (MIDI Note 51), Edge (cymbal) (MIDI Note 59), and Bell (MIDI Note 53).

However, when I try to map the crash cymbals, no matter what I have created in the Percussion Map, Playback always triggers the sound mapped for Edge (cymbal) on the Ride cymbal (MIDI Note 59).

The issue appears to be that Dorico is sending the wrong MIDI note for the Crash cymbal, ignoring the Percussion Map.

I hope the following screenshots clearly show the configuration I have created.

Edit Percussion Kit screen (note I have removed the second crash cymbal whilst I was trying to isolate the issue):

The Playing Techniques for the Ride cymbal:

The Percussion Map for the three Ride cymbal playing techniques:

The MIDI Mapping in Superior Drummer 3 for the Ride cymbal (highlighted in blue):

The single Playing Technique for the Crash cymbal:

The Percussion Map for the Crash cymbal:

The MIDI Mapping in Superior Drummer 3 for the Crash cymbal (highlighted in blue):

All instruments in the drum kit are set to Port 1 and Channel 10:

I have also attached the .doricolib file for my Percussion Map: (1.4 KB)

Welcome to the forum, Stuart, and thanks for being so incredibly thorough in describing the issue you are experiencing.

I have created a new project with a Drum set (full) instrument, imported your percussion map, assigned it via Endpoint Setup, added a single “natural” note on the lower of the two crash cymbals, and then exported a MIDI file of that flow (I don’t have Superior Drummer, so I can’t test it out directly in that plug-in).

What I find is that Dorico does indeed export MIDI note 28 as expected – here’s a snippet of the MIDI file as converted to text:

0, 0, Header, 1, 2, 480
1, 0, Start_track
1, 0, SMPTE_offset, 32, 0, 0, 0, 0
1, 0, Time_signature, 4, 2, 24, 8
1, 0, Tempo, 500000
1, 0, Key_signature, 0, "major"
1, 0, End_track
2, 0, Start_track
2, 0, Title_t, "Crash Cymbal"
2, 0, Program_c, 9, 0
2, 0, Note_on_c, 9, 28, 73
2, 456, Note_off_c, 9, 28, 0
2, 456, End_track
0, 0, End_of_file

So I think everything is OK in the way you’ve set up your percussion map and in what Dorico is sending, which means that I think you need to double-check your mappings in Superior Drummer.

Thank you for being so quick in response! Good to confirm Dorico is doing the right thing, I’ll focus my ire now on the guilty party!