Dorico eLicenser Control - Error [SOLVED]!

Hi, I´m a long time Cubase user, and I´m working with Cubase Pro every day and never had any issues. My system was rock solid…up until now. After that I installed and activated Dorico, I´m getting these eLicenser Control - error messages totally random. Sometimes they pop up when I try to start Dorico. Sometimes I manage to start Dorico (after 5-10 re-tries) , but then they pops up when I try to save or close. What is even worse is that Cubase Pro now 8/10 times starting up as Cubase Artist. And somtimes Cubase do not start at all, saying that I have no license.

Thing I´ve tried so far:
I have unistalled/installed the latest elicenser control center software - Did not solve anything.
Another user recommended to rename/remove eLicenserCore.dll - Nope
I´ve tried different usb ports and also checked that they never goes into “sleep mode”.

I use one of the first USB keys, from the Cubase 4/5 period, maybe it does not work well with the latest elicenser program? That’s all I can think of right now. Is there anyone who has or has had similar problems?

Windows 10 home 64bit, i7 4790K 16 GB, RME Babyface

Thanks in advance,

EDIT: My gut feeling tells me that it is my old USB key that is the problem. I have ordered a new USB elicenser, and I hope that will fix my problems. I will report back on how it goes, in case others run into the same problem. Cheers!

There is a knowledgebase article on eLicenser versions at the link below:[keyword_search]=eLicenser

It seems the original dongle has a slower processor (see article). Your suspicion that it may be contributing to your issue may be well founded, It seems like an inexpensive step to try one of the new ones out. Can’t hurt (except for the minimal cost), might help.

Let us know if this solves the problem. A number of us are harboring the originals as backups, etc. It would help us to justify buying one of the new short ones for safer use with a laptop (less sticking out to trip over or break off), etc.

Hi, thanks!
I read the article and it may well be the USB key. I will report back next week. I was going to replace it anyway. Just as you wrote so are the new smaller and less fragile. Maybe I’ll order two so I have a backup :smiley: .

I am happy to report that my “eLicenser Error” problems are solved, and Dorico now works great (Cubase too). I got my new eLicenser USB key yesterday, and all I did was to put it into the PC + launch eLicenser Control Center and transfer my licenses from the old key … Voila, problems solved.

The old Steinberg key (6.5 cm) and Dorico do not work well together. Those of you who have saved an old key to have as a backup, should maybe think about getting a new one.


Thanks for reporting this. I’ve been having the same problem, and had suspected it might be due an old key (got mine with the initial release of Cubase SX 15 years ago), which you have now confirmed. I will be ordering a replacement shortly.