Dorico "engraver" needed (paid)

Hi, everyone!

In the year 1983, I wrote in Finland my Cantata no. 2 in D minor (“Easter Day”) for two solo singers, mixed choir (SATB), chamber orchestra/ensemble and basso continuo. “Roughly baroque style”, six parts/movements. The singing language is Swedish.

The score is handwritten by pencil, 117 pages. Many of the A4 manuscript pages are not very full, so the page count does not tell everything.

Simple, easy, traditional music. Sounds “like Bach” for a listener. :wink:

I need this to be transferred from manuscript to Dorico. As a professional, I wanted to do this myself, but I see that I simply do not have enough time (being busy with my other music projects). So I need a Dorico “engraver”. Would you like to help? Paid, of course.

Please notice that even though I am very happy, if you are as careful and precise as possible, so that everything will be placed where it should be, your work does NOT have to be perfect at all in terms of layout etc. I will check every note, every symbol, every tie and slur, every bar and every stave etc. extremely thoroughly, so I need you to just do the bulk material inserting work. I will do all the finalising. You don’t need to even write any of the Swedish-language lyrics. Well, you sure can, if you want.

I have already started transcribing in Dorico (Windows 10), so a qood (enough) Dorico file with all six flows (with NotePerformer) is there for you to use. You don’t need to do any setup things, you just go on further from the bars of beginnings of each flow I’ve done this far and simply fill in more. I would be happy to provide you with this Dorico “template” of mine, and I am attaching now four scanned images of four handwritten score pages for you to take a look.

I am also attaching an image showing the instrumentation. The order of the instruments may look a bit odd, but that is how I originally for practical reasons wrote this, and to transcribe from the manuscript to Dorico, it is easiest and best to keep the order like this while adding more material. I can later then change the staff order, if I so decide.

If you feel you are interested, we probably should start with only a few pages of one or two of the six parts/movements for you to see how you feel about actually working on the material. Or one whole movement at the most?

Obviously, you need to know your stuff to do this. But you can do it in a relaxing way without worries. :slight_smile:

Shared staves vs each instrument on its own staff: On the manuscript, I am using some shared staves (see the 4 attachments). But now I need each instrument to have its own staff (see the 1 attachment). This is, of course, very easy for a person who knows how to write for ensembles and orchestras. But you need to be careful. When an instrument change happens on a single shared staff, you need to switch to another, correct staff for that notational “voice” = instrument. Standard stuff, nothing complicated, but careful attention is needed.

This cantata will go for example to the National Library of Finland to join other music of mine stored there: National Library of Finland – Tapio Sayppo

About paying we will talk as soon as possible after you have checked things so that you are able to provide me with some fee estimates of yours. I am not rich, so my budget is limited, but I would never ever let anyone do this for free. Could this perhaps be a nice Dorico practising project with some money earned, too, for someone?

One more idea: Could there be several people doing for example one part/movement each? :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance, my friends. Appreciated. :slight_smile:

Tapio Sayppo
Esher, Surrey, UK
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