Dorico Error in Opening file

Dorico can’t open the last few Dorico files I created - pop up screen says “Error opening file” and stops at 10% opening. The only thing I’ve done subsequently to saving it are
1 imported a Sibelius musicXML file, opened it in Dorico and saved it
2 exported a pdf file of the file I want to open
3 used a slightly older Dorico file to learn how to use a text feature

Help please - thanks

It’s possible that the specific project file you’re trying to open has become corrupted. I can’t say why this might have happened, but it’s always possible that you have had e.g. a write failure on your drive, or if you are keeping your projects in a cloud-enabled folder, that there’s been some kind of sync problem, or something like that.

Dorico creates backups every time you save, so if you look inside the Backup Projects folder inside the Dorico Projects folder in your documents folder, you should find an up-to-date backup project that you can still open.

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Thanks Daniel - yes something happened. Don’t keep my projects in cloud enabled folder. Hardware and software is very recent. Might have been a synch problem of some kind because very strangely just now when I looked at the File Explorer “recent files” “quick access area” which I use frequently for short cut, they had very mysteriously appeared there and in the version I need. Strange. Does it matter where / Dorico Projects > Back up Projects sit - I have them in Documents because that’s where the main music folder sits - perhaps they should move out into the main directory. Apologies if I wasted your time.

Not at all. Once you’ve opened the backup project, you should be prompted when you save to choose where to save it again. Save it back to the same spot as before, and keep going as if nothing happened :slight_smile:

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